Thousands of WordPress Websites Hijacked

Cybercriminals hijacked thousands of WordPress websites in September 2018. Learn how hackers carried out these attacks and what you can do to protect your business’s website.

1 Out of Every 101 Emails Is Sent by a Hacker

Does your business receive hundreds of emails each day? If so, there is a good chance some of them have been sent by hackers. Find out how to protect your business from malicious emails.

MicroAge GPS Tracking

Take Full Control of your Fleet with MicroAge GPS Tracking The Challenge Knowing exactly where your vehicles are of where they have been is crucial to the profitability of your company, the safety of your employees and your peace of mind. Reducing fuel expenses, reducing overtime, eliminating billing disputes to increasing customer satisfaction, being able to accurately know where your …

60 Percent of Small to Medium size Businesses Fold Within 6 Months of a Cyber Attack

Dave Mitton¬†“The Dashboard allowed us to see what was actually on our network – it was a wake up call to what security threats actually existed.” Manager, IT Operations & Infustructure   To understand your exposure to CyberRisk, have MicroAge Chatham use RootSecure to provide you with a Realtime Vulnerability Risk Assessment, a solution that is low cost with high …